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Search for and download all your favorite videos from youtube grabber.

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Flv Players

Once you have the file downloaded you need to rename it to a .flv file.
You will also need a FLV video player.

How can I play YouTube Video files on Mac OS X?

We recomend to use TubeG player for YouTube. You can open multiple windows. With extensions you can click to open it in new, small window with native player.

How can I play Flash Video (FLV) files on Windows?

Combining current CVS builds of Media Player Classic with the latest daily builds of ffdshow provides thorough FLV support. While ffdshow is capable of rendering FLV1, the FLV splitter/decoder incorporated in the CVS builds of Media Player Classic adds support for On2's VP6 codec (Flash8).

The FLV splitter/decoder can also be downloaded as a standalone DirectShow filter (source filter + splitter + decoder) to be combined with Media Player Classic's official stable builds or other DirectShow video players including Windows Media Player.

Another full-fledged video player with native (yet limited) FLV support is VLC media player. Designated Flash Video players like FLVPlayer by Martijn de Visser or Riva FLV Player handle FLV files (FLV1 & On2 VP6) fine, but are otherwise limited in functionality.

other link:
- Players

How can I convert Flash Video (FLV) files on Mac OS?

- ffmpegX
- iSquint
- Squared 5 - mac & windows
- HandBrake - mac, windows & linux

How do I convert FLV files into other video formats?

- MediaCoder
- Riva FLV Encoder
- Total Video Converter (trial)


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